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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Gospel According to Hatemongers - the 'Reverend' Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church

You know, it's bad enough, the general sad state of 'the church' these days. I mean, the average, 'normal' church that preaches and teaches this watered-down, man-made mishmash of pseudo-so-called-'spirituality', wrapped up in a bundle of dogmatic do's and don'ts rules that focus on 'acceptable' behaviours rather than leading one into the presence of God and an intimate relationship with Christ ... wherein freedom reigns and rules become obsolete and moot. And I'll not even get into the darker, travesty-committing sins of the organized church over the millenniums and still happening today. Those are not the 'norm' ... far too many of them, yes, but those are still extreme examples of woefully misguides souls posturing ostensibly as 'Christians' whilst evil and egregious intent lurks in their true inner beings.

No, today I'd like to guide your attention to a small group of misguided zealots who are claiming to be the only true believers, the only veritable representatives of God and Jesus left here on this (they claim) godforsaken, hated by god, and all beings upon it damned by god to the eternal flames of hell, planet.

I had some issues with the religious church I grew up in. But it was a holy roller rockin' good easy time compared to having been raised in this church. Largely comprised of one big (inbred) family, can you imagine what the average Joe on the street ... and let's say he's a bit agnostic, but is toying with the idea of trying to find God if there is one, a bit of curiosity dwelling in his mind, perhaps considering trying out this "Christianity" thing ...

And he'd never actually met any Christians before. Get the picture? And one day he's walking down the street and comes across this-

Can you imagine? Forget Agnostic Joe, what does anyone (without any true experience) think about God and the Way of Christ after having this kind of despicable spectacle branded into their minds?

If you have just a couple more minutes, get a load of this guy. The spiritual father of this band of maniacs, the (and I use this term so loosely it pains me) 'Reverend' Fred Phelps ...

Hey! Let me get right over to Oklahoma and join that church! Anyone else coming?

Seriously, peeps, while this is not the norm, thank God, this kind of vicious, bigoted, hate-mongering in the name of God is what a lot of people nowadays think of when they consider 'religion'. And this is an extreme example of religion. Let those of us who know with intimacy the Love of Jesus let it shine forth, and be examples of that same nonjudgmental, all-encompassing, unconditional Love.

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  1. Don't forget that spiritual (guru) termed loosley in arizona that killed 3 people that went through a rebirthing ceromony in a 140 degree heat plus the heat in the sweatlodge, its amazing its easy and free to be bornagain, Jesus I ask you to forgive you of my sins, and ask you to some into my heart, no pseudo God, no need to pay 10grand for a moron to say your saved

  2. Excellent case in point, Doc Toddly. And then of course there's the Waco (whacko?) Wizard barn-burning tragedy in Texas, and the Jim Jones cult mass suicide ... good googely moogely - you'd think the Bible just isn't clear enough, but ... instead of reading it for themselves, blind sheep in human bodies seem to take the word from charismatic criminals as The Word instead, hmm?

  3. Uh, let's see if I get this straight. God hates everything, yet he created us in his image? I hope not! This guy is a freight train trying to go down a cow path. He's only making progress because of all the bull he's spouting. Let's hope the methane piles show him the true heat of hell.

  4. Yeah - go figger, eh, Ron? May the methane piles infest the armpits of such haters, hmm?

    Oop, better watch it - now I"M getting judgmental.

    But good grief ...

  5. They are just a bunch of inbred, ingrates who WISH they were one of God's Children. I don't hate them, because God tells us not to hate, but I pray these people find Gods Forgiveness when it's their time to die. God doesn't hate us, Satan does.

  6. Wow! That is incredible. How can this type behavior be a part of building the Lord's Kingdom? Makes me see that the narrow way where I was raised is much wider than I thought! Proof once again, that hate has already been conquored by Love. I believe in the God of Love. My God is Love!

  7. As a Christian, my heart is broken and I will pray for those lost souls. Not the ones on the signs, but the hateful sinners holding them. That is not showing God's love. I could quote scripture, but I think they know in their heart they are following evil, and not God. IMHO.

    Thanks for stopping by my post on Tossing it out. I think I just found one more way to tell Sammy how to spot a demon.

  8. "I think I just found one more way to tell Sammy how to spot a demon."

    True dat, Ciara! Thanks for the comment, and good luck with your tour and book. This is actually a secondary blog for me, I post more regularly on The Old Silly's Free Spirit Blog. Stop by sometime!

    Marvin D Wilson