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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Like Your Christ, But ...

Hey thanks for blogging by. One of my old childhood buds, another PK with the same (former) dubious PS distinction ... oh, for the uninitiated, PK=Preacher's Kid, and PS=Prodigal Son ... well, we were having this long talk, rambling on and on, discussing extraordinarily long, run-on sentences, and ...

LOL, no, just kidding. We were Facebook chatting and talking about having been raised in stiflingly strict, stodgy, very religious homes, going (forced to go) several days every week to very religious churches, both of us living in parsonages under intense scrutiny by the 'religious flock' and, well, here we go again with the run-on sentences, but ...

Vern, my ol' buddy from back in the day, figured if there wasn't one already, it'd be great to have a blog for PK's. And also for anyone else who loves Jesus and His true teachings of unconditional, nonjudgmental, all encompassing Love, but can't stand organized religion. So here it is, folks. This blog is where you can come, read and comment, you can rave and rant all you want, share war stories of how the church crippled you with its falacious misrepresentations of what Jesus was and is all about, you can share with others how finding the True Way happened in your life, you may feel free to suggest topics for The Old Silly to post about, and as you can see, you are more than welcome to write lengthy, run-on sentences. My editor's cap is on the shelf, ok?

So. Gonna let you go, no rants, upliftings, or sermons to deliver, just a good kick-off post. Leave a comment, if'n yeruva mindta, ahd shorely 'preciater, yasser.

Before you leave, here's the rest of the quote for today:

"I like your Christ very much. But I don't much care for your Christians."

Somehow, I think that Jesus would agree with the Mahatma, hmm?

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  1. Imma gonna set meself in that thar pew and listen ter ya spew...I mean, speak. :)

  2. Amen t' all this here, ol' buddy ol' pal! 'N' ahd shorely go ta that thar church you duz go to, if'n ah wuz anywhere near Saggynaw. Taint all uvem's bad, it's the nahndee nahn out've a hundret gives t'other'n sucha bad name, huh?

  3. Dani - my, my, my - well ah shore din't knows you t'be such a down homer, gf! ;-)

    Stan - Welcome aboard, bro, and yes, Shiloh's Lighthouse Ministry is one church I can vouch for that teaches and lives the true Love of Christ!

  4. eye's a suthern hick, can't help meself at times LOL

  5. Gosh, Dani, ah jus' knew therus sump'n boutcha was 'speshly 'tractive! Heck, girl -- hick chicks'z the cat's meow, far's the Ol' Silly's concerned! (wink)

  6. CAT?! Where....I don't see no.....*looks over shoulder*......*eyes wide* RUNNNNN!!!!! It's Marvin the Manx! *huffin and a puffin* Dang.

  7. "Dang"!??? You gonna go and cuss on a spiritual blog?! You march right to your room, young lady, you're havin' a time out! G'on, now, git!

    Darn, it's hard to keep kids under control these days ...

  8. *hanging head low and tail between dainty legs* i sowwy....*scampers up to Marvin, eyes wide* Pweeese, Sir, May I have some cheese?....hehe

    Seriously, though, I plan on coming back here often :)

    Provided a certain 6 year old *on the subject of kids* doesn't cramp my style...or my tail :P